Kundan Imports – Biggest SCAMMERS. STEAL your Cars too !

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Reported By: Manmohan Singh

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Kundan Imports

I booked 4 tickets from Phuket to Bangkok on Jan 8, 2018 and paid $290. I got a second invoice asking for the balance ’45 %’ amount ! I immediately sent a CANCELLATION request within 4 minutes of my ‘bookings’ and got a ‘copy’ & ‘paste’ reply that my refund will be processed in 60-70 days after deduction of $200 to 250 ! I wrote them that as per their refund policy : https://www.flightsticketgo.com/info/refund-policy, cancellations done within 15 minutes will be processed for full refund as they do not charge any processing fee for cancellations.

Their payment accepting method is NOT ENCRYPTED one ! They even tried to take out another PAYMENT from my Card since they get to have your full card details ! My bank alerted me and I was saved from their attempt to dupe me once more !!

I am reporting their conduct to IC3, a complaint referral Forum of FBI and other law enforcing agencies. I CAUTION all to NOT to fall in their trap and to book your trips from trusted players on the net only. And all of you, who have been scammed by them not to sit and forget their money BUT to report to all relevant law agencies so that these scammers do not fleece innocent travellers anymore !

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