Lalitha Jewellery Mart – take action about my order no 1612

Dear sir or madam, i placed an order in ur jewellery . My order no is 1612. When i placed an order they told it takes 25 to30 days for delivery . My odered date is 20th september. Now also i didnt get my product . Each and every day i used to make call to ur show room , they saying some reasons continuosly. Pls take action about my order.

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  1. While checking the weights of the jewel in Tirupati showroom on10/04/2017 we were surprised to see the same jewel showing different weightments (minor may be) each time in same and different machines may be I personally feel there are lots of internal checks this feels very much unhappy about the showroom and this reduces the confidence lalitha jewellers, this is least we expect from a corporate to maintain