Laplume Epay Kerala – fraud..beware of them

Yes i also got the call today..they are fraud..beware of them..they first tell u that ur for security purposes or any other bull shit reasons they need to update the card and send us the new card blocking the previous one..merchant name is laplume group..they are very expert and professional..first they vl drain all the information from u like credit card no..cvv no..expiry date..and then vl do the tansaction of some amount saying that ur reward points converted into cash vl be credited to the account..vl ask for otp…and bang..transcation one thing u need to be aware of bank vl never ask for otp..otp is for u only and also cvv no..then after transation a message vl come from some courier company(fraud) that ur order has been placed successfully and vl recieve in 8 to 7 working days..all fraud..



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