Laplume group – fraudlant transaction by Laplume group

on 15th September, at 16.30 hrs, i got a call from people claiming to be from ICICI Credit card section. they told that my credit card was being updated and it was a confirmation call to check my authenticity. under this garb they got hold of confidential information about my existing credit card and thus an unauthorized transaction for Rs 6899/- was carried out in favour of Laplume group. on 22nd Sept i received a parcel from Laplume group, Delhi, containing sport shoes, shirt, trouser etc. these items were not ordered by me. it is a fraud being conducted by the group to increase their sales, which is highly condemnable. the group management should be punished for such fraud. i see that lot many complaints of similar nature are lodged on your website against this group. all of us should file police complaint.

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