Laplumegroup_EPayKerela – Fraudulant Transaction on my ICICI Credit Card

I was told to have been called from ICICI Bank and that my Credit Card was being upgraded and that I would be sent a sort of gift hamper so as to say. This will be charged against the Reward Points which are expiring or have just expired hence no charges on me. Standard verifications took place and then I got a call from the company about the sizes of shoes and clothes that are a part of this hamper. And then suddenly my Credit Card was charged for Rs. 7,849 at Laplumegroup_EPayKerela.

I dont know the credibility of this transaction and await clarification !!!

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  1. Satish Nande, I was taken away by this call too and they are cheaters it seems. I complained to ICICI disputes team and they are of no use as they just say they cant help as it is a secured transaction as we spell out OTP numbers, but the problem is they pursuade in a way that they are from ICICI and they also have all the information about card,points existing and the last transaction done. We should register a complaint against these guys and also ICICI. I did save the numbers from which I got the calls. The problem is also if we go to the police they wont even bother to look into this as they are cheaters themselves.