Laplumergroup_EPayKerala – Fraud transition 17-01-2015

I received Phone call from 011-65651847 regarding rewards points for my HDFC credit card. Post that Rs 7830 was debited from my account and i was not able to reconnect the same number again. Also i got formal messages from HDFC bank regarding the transition before getting the final SMS.


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  1. Exactly the same thing happened with me on the 24th of January, 2015.
    They happened to call me for the same reward points services, to be replaced with gift & a shopping discount card.
    I have also complained in the HDFC phone banking number.
    Hope they take some legal action against the fraud organisation dubbing people of their hard-earned money.

  2. Same thing happened with me today with the exact same amount n got a transaction msg of rs 7830.did ur bank solve the problem nd as to who is it???