Learn n earn – smart scammers

Reported By: Mahesh kanojia

Contact information:
Learn n earn Gujrat surat
https:// learnnearn.info/

This are the number’s I have got the threatening calls and massage
+91 90332 65861
+91 90331 50424 , +91 90330 11616

These people are smart scammers. They know people won’t pay at the time of registration. That’s why their agents smartly contact people saying it’s free and they register our details on behalf of us and send login ID and password. This is the tricky part…..after we login to their website it captures our image and ask for e sign but it didn’t show the “so called aggreement or Authorization letter”. They never share or show the aggreement at the time of registration. Totally scam and fraud by this app Once we send all the details they will ask for the fees. If we are not able to pay they will threaten us that they will sue or file a case and we have to pay fine of 60k Or 70k. Totally nonsense. Totally scam they show free registration and they ask money.We not paid they tell “u didn’t paid we put case and pay rs 7079 to the company. But y we pay to company without any interest. Pls don’t register with this. Suddenly they ask to pay within 20 min, within 15 min.They tell free bt after u have to pay suddenly. Before registration they not tell about money. Rs 7079 is not the course fees thats the membership fees.


How to file a complaint against Learn n earn?

* Go to page
* Write Learn n earn in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Learn n earn.

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