LED coder, New Delhi – they do not payment

Hi,I am Praveen Dixit and i have a complaint againt a company called ledcoder company in delhi .I have given them Rs.3500 for work from home purpose.
They gave me a offer which goes like this “Led Coder provides PDF file, You just see and type it in MS-WORD according to guidelines provided by company . work assignment number is P1112867.
Within 15 days you have to type 350-450 pages and company will pay Rs.15, 000 per assignment. For more information visit:- www. ledcoder.com”
I did the same as they have told but after 15 days when i completed my work firstly i didn’t got any response after the day of submission.
Secondly,I have called them so many times but they have neglected my calls.
Thirdly,check This link (http://www.consumercourtforum.in/india/led-coder/)
Its not only me ,they have cheated many people from different states by taking
Rs.3500 from them.This company is playing from there emotions.I want to file a complaint on this company(http://ledcoder.com/) & Rashmi Singh businesses executive, mail Id Rashmi @data typing.in & Rashmi.data [email protected]. helpline number 788581926

thank you.

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