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Legend Technologies India

Hello team
I enlisted in Locanto for fun, and when they initially quoted me a price of 1 hour 2000 rupees, I paid 500 in advance. Then, after asking for the whole amount, I paid 1500.
Later, they stated that a security deposit of 8500 rs was required.
I paid 8500, and they informed me that you must pay all at once for the portal to unlock.
I once more paid the entire security deposit of 19,000.
I’ll say that last.
nonetheless, I once more received a message from locanto.escortservice.com requesting 25,000 for police verification.
I gave him 25,000, and he said it was the last.
He reiterated that it was 25,000 for two persons.

I requested a return for the amount I had already paid and the representative indicated I would have to pay an additional 25,000 for the refund to be processed.
I refused and pushed for a refund.
I spent 500+1500+8500+8500+19000+25000 = 63000 so far, but there have been no updates. It appears to be a complete scam, and there has been no service or refund.


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* Go to page
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Legend Technologies India.

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