Liam lifestyles holiday – They made us do 1rs transaction and without my permission they made 75000 loan on me

Reported By: Akanksha Nupoor

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Liam lifestyles holiday Goa

I and my husband went to augoda jail.they Target only tourist of their agent came and they told us that their company anniwersary is going on so they are providing coupon to us.when my husband open coupon he got better luck next time when I open I was the star winner..they told me that when I will go to their hotel then they will provide gift…when we went there another women come and took information from us like name address,which credit and debit card we use..when we went for presentation they tried to convince me that they provide 4*5* hotel in half rate i was not convinced..then they told do only rs 1 transaction and take your time if you want to continue then good otherwise cancel it..they told that they will take 75000 rs in 48 month emi so u have to pay only 1506 rs every month…when we take loan an automated call and message come to approve and disapprove but no call message came… message of only 1rs came then on 2nd day when I talk to customer care then I got to know that 75000 has been transferred to Liam lifestyles holiday account…they have dispatched the full amount to them without our information and our documents…they told that within 48 hrs a call will come that you want loan or not..if yes then you continue other wise decline loan…but no call, message came to confirmation came to us..we went to police station also infront of police they told that what is the proof that 75000 has been transferred to Liam lifestyles holiday…we have rs .1 transaction from our side 75000 has not came from your account…when we came out they told that they will refund my money…Sydney desouza and his bodyguard told me you go to ICICI branch and tell your manager to talk to me i will cancel the loan…I came to Bangalore went to bank my manager was talking to them but they didn’t talk..they told that they took 1rs only not 75000.they were not taking only to manager..we went to local police for zero FIR but they are not taking…big scam of 75000 has been done to me..

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