Life Time Soft-tech Private Limited – Number 1 Fraud Company..Dont join in this company!!!!!

Hi, This is Number one fraud company.there are taking money 70k to 1 Lakh from Students.and they will tell like ” this company before in ITPL as Finance company.and now moved to IT side and we have branches in UK, China” The thing is they just google the foreign companies and add any of those name to this company.Till now there is no Projects, NO Team leader, No Project Manager.Only 1 trainer and 1hr and 1 manager. The Manager S.Kadhar Valli, as of now he recruited 300+ members. HR Nagasree will take 10K for one employee and Manager will take 20k. The only motive of these software company is to make money by back door entries. They have hired a number of consultants who bring candidates to them .These consultants charge a huge sum of money from these candidates to get them placed in these companies. These consultants tell to candidates that it’s a MNC company, and they will have a great future working here. People who are desperate for the jobs fall in there trap. But the truth is that these companies are not at all interested in software. This solo motto is to get more and more candidates through back door .These companies generally have a lifetime of 4 months to 8 months. After that, when they have taken a large number of candidates and when the candidates starting resisting then they disappear. Once they disappear candidates are of nowhere, neither they are able to gain knowledge nor experience. Please !! Please !! Please !! I am requesting students dont join in such type of fake companies by wasting money and good future. Students who are joined in that company please take that amount back from that company as soon as possible. Otherwise Manager will escape with in 1 or 2 months.

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  1. we have published a article on 26th November that this company is fake and we have even asked police depatment to investigate this isssue, but due to the negligence 300+students are suffering now, Mr. Khadar walli is now arrested and investigation is going on.pls read

  2. Yes true they cheated 300+ employees. with more than 3 crores. all have filed FIR in koramangala police station, waiting for police to take severe action. Hope they will take action. This is the 4th company they have cheated.

    frauds details
    s khadhar valli, mobile 9980609030
    nagashree vijay, mobile 8861316869
    raju reddy

    company details:



    Lifetime Soft-Tech, # 84 Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block, 3rd Cross, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560095 080-41489895 [email protected]

    Lifetime Soft-Tech, 2nd & 3rd Floor, 897/E, Beside Vasan Eye Care, 6th Block, Koramangala Extension, Koramangala Sony World Stop, Bangalore. 080-41489895 [email protected]

    United Kingdom: 133 Hounds ditch, London, EC3A 7AH [email protected]

    China: 12/F, Tower A, Phase 1, G.T. L P, No. 85, Huacheng Avenue, Tina He District, Guangzhou, 510623. [email protected]

  3. The above complaint is 100% true.. The company is completely fake and they ran away with the money on 3rd Dec. They are hiring SAP and java. They have given that they have branch at china and UK. But nothing is true. They hire u into company once u pay 1 lakh to them. They hired more than 300 freshenrs getting 1 lakh from each. Now they ran away with the huge money of 3 crores and ran away. The company building, computers inside and mangers everyone are fake.

    1. Hi, I am not sure if this information is correct or not. Is it really a fake company? Because I have seen lot of candidates getting the offer letters on 29Th November. Please let me know the correct information as I need to pay 1 lakh to the company.

      1. Hi anoosha,

        Pls let me know where abouts of the company as I have already paid the amount to the company. Pls let me know the true facts