lookashop – Delivered Wrong Product and Wrong item.

Reported By: Arif

Contact information:
Lookashops.com Hyderabad

I ordered for the Arrow Smar Watch.
I got a small baby wearing watch and Pendrive 64GB and 256 memory card.

There is no Full Address of vendor, No phone number mentioned on it.

I placed an email for the same.
Where should i complain?
Please help me how to proceed with this kind of Froud Websites. How to Stop This?

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  1. Varaprasadreddy

    I ordered a Arrow smart watch
    But i got some fake watches like babies watches
    How would i return the item
    There is no helpdesk or any contact number

  2. I ordered for smartwatch with 360 rotating hd camera but have delivered wrong product.kindly how to get refund amount please tell..

  3. Same happens with me.

    I ordered for arrow smart 360 rotating watch but have delivered other smart watch and it seems like low quality. Kindly advice me on how to get my original product.

  4. Same happend with me.

    Even Bluedart Courier who delivered at my doorstep collected money on their behalf which was COD.

    I asked details for details to whom they are going to deposit the money so actual fraudulent can be nabbed.

    But Bluedart didn’t helped in this matter.