lookashop – jo product mngwaya tha vo ni mila dusra prodoct aaya box me vo bhi khrab

Reported By: jayprakash soni

Contact information:
Lookashops.com parbatsar

7742243222 Name of the company: lookashops.com Address: 4/72, C, University, Enclkave , Delhi, 110007 Email: [email protected] Order No.: #4117 Date of order: 23 June 2019 Date of delivery: 27 June 2019 Type of product: smart watch Amount Paid: Rs. 1599/- Registered Email: [email protected] Registered Phone: 7742243222 As per the consumer he has received different product and that too defective from the company so he contacted them several times in order to raise return request but there is no response. He wants refund of amount paid asap.

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