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Reported By: Abhinav Rana

Contact information:
Company i am complaining about is looks Looks International Pvt Ltd ,94,5, Guru Gobind Singh Marg , Mulund Colony, Mulund West, Mumbai , maharashtra

I ordered one pair of shoes from the site known as lookss.in the shoes looked awesome on the site and they cost me 1200 rupees. The product was to be delivered in 3 days and I got delivered but in a flipkart packaging, I thought it is a small company so they used flipkart packaging but I was shocked when I saw the inside of the box. There were very low quality very cheap pairs of shoes which you can easily get 200 rupees in the market they scammed me. I tried reaching them right away I contacted them on their site and clicked on a refund which showed that your order will be picked but in 2 days but still I called them cause it was a computerized chatbot that was asking the same questions again and again. I tried calling them multiple times but they didn’t answer once. Now it’s been 6 days I haven’t gotten any message or any call. I mailed them too. but they are not replying on mail too. Please tell me what should I do please.

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