Lostlovespell – Fraud

Pankaj Bhargav takes money from people and does not answer calls later he is a fraud. His account details
SBI and ICICi he seems educated and smart he’s a trap and cheat

His website lostlovebackspell.

He. Plays with people emotions in name of puja. 9915471429

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    1. He is a cheat, fraud he will take your money and will ask you again that your job is very difficult need to do some work and will again drain money out of you…and later on when u will ask your money back he will threaten you. My experience with him was pathetic…even you can make out he is drunk most of the time

  1. nikols (london)

    Dear Guru ji ,

    thank you very much for your inspiring words and all the information about my guardian angels. I have already started to benefit from the rituals you have performed for me. Thank you for your concern and your precious advices that enabled me to understand the positive energy around me. You are truly an amazing person who wants to help people with your wonderful gift in this life.

    nikols (London)

  2. Big fraud..pls aap koi bhi is chor ke jhanse mein mat ana.kuch nai karta bas fasata hai loko ko.pooja ke nam par thaggi mar kar.i have already spent more than 1 lac on this fraudster.bhagwan kare iska sarvanash ho jaye.jo loko ko galat umeed de kar dhokha deta hai.fir paise loot kar reply bhi nai karta calls ka.
    Fraud.fraud.and ues jin logo ne bhi reviews men bahut tareef ki sab jhuth.bcos ye isne khud post ki.cheater shall remain cheater always.
    Agar usmein dam hai to reply.i l show him his true colours

  3. I was having many problems regarding my career for the last few years, one of my friend suggested me to get consultation from astrologer last year i consulted Astrologer and he suggested me some remedies and gave two gemstones to wear, trust me with in few months i got positive results and almost my career problems solved.

  4. hello

    guru ji aap ke bataye hue upay se aaj mai apne ghar mai bhut khush hun and meri married life bi bhut achi chal rahe hai
    aap ka bhut bhut thanx with my deep hart…

    saroj indor

  5. When my daughter was 24 years old, we started looking for a suitable groom for her. She is pretty and has a very good job. We were somehow unable to find a good match for her, because there seemed to be some problem (dosha) in her horoscope. We spent more than 5 years going to various temples and performing many prayers, but there was no use. We became desperate because she was getting older and the marriage of her younger sister was also stalled. Then Within six months of consulting him, we found excellent alliances for both my daughters, and both are now married and settled abroad.

  6. vn i was cheated by this pankaj bhargava he took 8500 rupees from me.
    CURRANT ACCOUNT NO.341705500034
    IFSC CODE ICIC0003417
    Now he is not picking my calls

  7. suman (Malaysia)

    Sometimes we wear gems without activation or without consultation from a good astrologer, which can really cause serious health issues, financial etc as the same case faced by my family two weeks ago. Thanks to p.bhargava i called him and he asked me to remove ruby from my wife as she got admitted in hospital due to severe stomach pain. After discharge, she still feeling minor pain. I consulted p.bhargava and he told me that ruby is not the correct gem for your wife and not to use it forthwith. And it really work within an hour and we have got magical solution. Thanks p.bhargava..

    reg. suman (Malaysia)

  8. rakesh (Dubai)

    I was having many problems regarding my career for the last few years, one of my friend suggested me to get consultation from astrologer astrologer pankaj bhargava last year i consulted Astrologer bhargava and he suggested me some remedies and gave two gemstones to wear, trust me with in few months i got positive results and almost my career problems solved. Thanks to astrologer bhargava by heart.

  9. kuljeet (mumbai)

    astrologer p. bhargava is the best astrologer in India.I was struggling in my career from last 8 months.I was jobless. astrologer pankaj bhargava gave me easy remedies and one gemstone.After doing the suggested remedies I got the desired job in 3 months.He is very down to earth person and talks very politely.He always has solution for all your problems.

  10. astrologer guru ji pankaj bhargava is very genuie astrologer, his predictions ,advices are very good.
    Gem stone quality as per my personal experience p.bhargava provide very genuine and at very reasonable price.
    Thanks alot ..regards amit goyal

  11. neeraj patel (london)

    I first contacted astrologer guru ji pankaj bhargava earlier this year around April during very tough times. I explained him whole situation of my personal and professional life. He advised me with very simple astronomical and astrological remedies. I started seeing instant results within a month. My life has now has changed 360 degrees for better than what it was. My life is now completely blissful in every aspect and I have full faith on all advices made my astrologer guru ji pankaj bhargava He is extremely polite, through professional, and very honest astrologer. I can definitely say astrologer guru ji pankaj bhargava is my entire families astrologer for lifetime. I recommend anyone in most stressful times to have faith and give him a call. I am witnesses to my own personal experience by saying; you will not be disappointed at all. Thank you always
    astrologer guru ji pankaj bhargava

  12. Geeta from Delhi, India

    I am Geeta from Delhi, India. I was in so much pain of separation with my lover. I loved a boy truly with my deep heart but he left me on 2nd november, now i am like a fish without water. i was crying all the time. my family is being tensed because of me. But i can not tell anyone my pain. Then i found Guruji’s website and read reviews of people that you helped many people in getting their lost love back with them. Guruji helped me and gave my lost love back. Many Many Thanks To p.bhargava Guruji.

  13. hi

    i m vikas sani from ambala

    ji unhone mera kaam kiya hai mai un se 2012 se tuch mai hun meri study job and marriage har cheez ke baare mai bhut acha btaya tha ..now i m very happy ..thanx astrologer p.bhargava ….

    plz dont afraid

  14. Guys…
    Plz reply if Pankaj Bhargava acharyaji is a genuine guy????
    Kisi ka kaam pura hua kya???
    Plz reply.. I want to consult him .

  15. Guys what has happened with you.Can you please explain in detail as I am taking help from him and he seems to be a nice guy.Please help me.

    1. Hi abhishek. Did pankaj bhargava do anything good to u as u r saying u have done work frm him? Please let me know as if u have postive results i shal also go ahead.

    2. Hi.. Abhishek…
      Aapka kaam pura hua kya????
      Plz reply …. As i want to take help from Archarya Pankaj Bhargava… Lostloveastrology….. Acc in SBI….

  16. Yes this is true about pankaj bhargava that he is fraud, he took money and didn’t receive calls. I experienced it. He gave details like Icici bank account saving pankaj bhargava 079101502974,kharar,punjab ifsc code ICIC0000791.. I worship lord shiva and I pray lord shiva to stop this person’s fraud, its not the money that matter exactly but the faith of people who are dying by hurt and pain already and person like pankaj bhargava plays with the feeling of these people. Please sir you may also have daughter, son, brother, sister look at them before doing like this.. If you think that No one can catch u on earth but there is god who is seeing everything.

  17. Same thing happen with rahul bhargav may be they 2 persones are same we have to copkaints about this banks to block them acounts