LoveGuruIndia, Black Magic, Tantrik Samrat – Caution Advisory

Due to personal disaster, I have contacted the below baba. Name : Vahikaran Samrat
Mobile : +91-9680910252 / +91-9887088038 Email ID: vashikaransmrat786

First he told that money would be returned if problem doesn’t get solved. PFA file In the month of September 2014,for every 3 days he use to call and ask money. Even I told him that I was not having money at certain cases, he told me to sell anything in my house. Totally I have given Rs.24, 500, at last he told to contact the below baba as he is getting issue while doing pooja.
Name : Baba
Mobile : +91-9680641686
Email ID:
This baba first took Rs.20,000 and after three days he asked me to pay Rs.1,00,000.
Even Vahikaran Samrat told to talk that baba only. Later I understood that these babas both are really fake.
So I request to ban these type of baba web sites. Because the person who approaches would be in great depression.
Take this weakness,so many babas are cheating the people with these websites.


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