M/S Dugar Housing Ltd – Quality of Wood used for main door and windows during construction

Reported By: Deepa Siddharthan

Contact information:
M/S Dugar Housing Ltd Chennai

They promised that the main door would be made of Teak wood but they used cheap quality wood that could be easily broken. Thieves broke into our flat in Dugar MME gold city Thirupporur. They had made such a huge hole on the door.
They have used cheap quality pipes for plumbing that need repairing several times during a year.
The association has been spending a running cost of 2.5 to 3 lacs/annum for waste removal with a special mention of the disturbance and nuisance created by lorry’s removing waste(sound), smell etc.
Dugar Housing is too experienced in cheating flat owners hard earned money.


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