– False claim

Reported By: Sejal Surve

Contact information: Mumbai

I Sejal surve ordered a hoodie from for 150 rs and paid online through BHIMUPI and after paying the money i didnt got any confirmation from the website for the order has confirmed or anything and After that i search on their website there was no email address no customer care no. Nothing and then i search on google then i found that there were same complaint as mine. So please help to solve this problem and help to compensate for the same

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  1. I shalini gupta order a sweatshirt from ma-bulk shopify .com for 315 rs and paid online through phone pay and after paying the money i didn’t got any confirmation from the website for the order has confirmed and anything and that after i search on google on thier website there was no email address no co costumer care no. So please help me to solve

    1. I placed an order today for 350 rupees for 3 hoodies and paid through bhim upi. I have not received any confirmation SMS but the amount has been debited from my account. Please resolve this issue.

    2. Me also facing thr same problem , have u got the solution and or have u got any contact information ,madum

      1. Me also facing the same prblm.. I ordered the hoddies from this site..n i paid 450rs online payment.. But there is no response . I got a msg from them that ur Order is confirmed.. U have to take strict action.. N refund our money.. N site name is take strict action for them…

      1. I have ordered a hoodie, after payment through paytm I did not get any information about my status, please solve this issue as priority one and with the name of shopify doing these kinds. Please give compensation for this

        1. I too ordered 7 hoodies. And payed thru paytm. What we do now? Please return our money or complete order. Take strict actions on such fake shopping websites

  2. Same problem
    I have ordered 2 hoodies and paid 250rs through phonepe on Feb 19th 2020…I have received confirmation mail but no updates after that..I have mailed Shopify people many times, they are neither giving the details abt the merchant nor resolving the prblm. I need my money back..we people are struggling so hard for 1re also but this is bad to see…please have a look at this

  3. Ananya kumari

    Same thing happened with me. I ordered 5 hoodies and paid ₹550 but no confirmation SMS and no updates.
    After checking on Google I realised that this is a fraud site. Please look at this issue.

  4. I have ordered a hoodie worth 150 RS. I got the confirmation.
    But when I checked the website next morning it’s unavailable.
    Please look into it.
    MM bulk, could you atleast reply the customer
    This is very annoying n frustrating.

  5. I have ordered 4 hoodies and paid rs. 600 by credit card (paytm). But not able to trace and acknowledgement not available. Plz help.

  6. I’m also having same problem…I buy 2hoodies of 250rs by debit card (paytm)but I’m not getting any confirmation msg

  7. Swarnima bhosale

    I have ordered 6 hoodies and didn’t get any confirmation I paid through upi
    Please send me some confirmation or please contact me
    I have paid 650rs

  8. Hey i have faced all similar problem like urs..i ACTUALLY ordered one hoodie! It said dat buy any hoodie at 100..and 50rs for shipping charge ..i payed through paytm nd didnt receive any confirmation of the order….plz return the amount back or get the orders shipped..plz take strict actions on such type of websites!🙄

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