Madhav Shopping Center – saree

Reported By: Jayprakash Lakhara

Contact information:
Madhav Shopping Center
Sareecraft 1, kaladin, shop no.: 317, madhav shopping center, godadara, naher, surat-395010

I have ordered for on saree with design number:ln sc3205 its cost is rs 1299/ + rs 100/ towards shipping charges. Total cost is rs 1399/.
I have paid rs 1399/ yesterday to the courier boy and received the parcel. But, when i opened it, i saw the printing on the saree is absent at several places and very light printing when compared to main design in some other places. On the whole, the saree is not fit for use. I tried to contact the seller, but i have no contact details such as email or phone number. So, please register my complaint and see that my amount is refunded to me at an early date. Also give instructions to the web-managers, not to entertain such advertisements, which are false and harmful to the citizens. Also recommend necessary criminal action on the sellers to the government. With regards,
Jayprakash lakhara

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