– Beware

Hello all, I also got a very sweet voice call from a teenage lady from mobile number8124137169 around 3;50PM on Wednesday 20th August 2014. Same story. I offered to check the web and she could call me tomorrow same time. But after seeing so many complaints I will drop this idea for ever. can ask customers to write back in this same forum that the issue is sorted out and they are refunded with.
Simply telling we will resolve is all a game plan.

MADONDEALS.COM have lost their credibility. Most good firms are also resorting to cheating of different kind including the E ZONE. They never give gift but say Moon and Stars. I had a bitter experience. Mooh mein Vada hath mein paisa is good always.

True that the Greedy always suffer. Let us not be greedy in the first place. Even when the Governments offer something free they give an atom of their loot like famous 2G.

Indian Beware !!!

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