– Fraudulent Business by

Hello Sirs, This is to bring to your notice about the fraudulent business handled by They call the customers and they say that they are giving free Package ( 1Tshirt, 1shoe, Wallet, Watch, film tickets, holiday package) because we maintain good account in our credit card. Girls from call us and they say that they are calling from HDFC bank and say that they are contacting you without the knowledge of HDFC bank is giving this gift for maintaining good credit card account with HDFC bank. So they tell us that we should never show to them that we have received a call from HDFC. Also they inform us that product worth is Rs. 6950 and that will be taken from our Credit card. They tell us to confirm the amount. But HDFC Bank will automatically will nullify the value from Credit card and that will never appear in our credit card statement and we do not need to make the payment. Call will come from and they record our conversation. They will ask 2 to 3 times, whether we are okay to make the payment. But Girl from HDFC ( Fake), would have told us that we should say okay and do not mention that you have received the call from HDFC bank. So we will tell that we are okay to pay the amount and we accept the deal as well. Ideally what has happened is, That is all cheating. Call is not from HDFC bank and they are from HDFC Fake employee – Name – Arthi – Mobile number – 08802838857 – Call from Shanmugam. I have been cheated… That is my mistake for greedy of getting free gift because I am one of the HDFC customer who maintain good account with my credit card. Now why I am bringing this to your notice – I do not want this to be continued and innocents like me are cheated. We need to put full stop for this cheating business… We need to save HDFC / ICICI bank customer. They speak well and we will ensure that they are calling from HDFC bank and ICICI bank. But that is not the case… In case if any one submit any sensitive information, that will lead to serious issue more dangerous. I need your support to take action on them please. Regards,

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