Magnoliaboutique02 – Combo of 3 Designer Printed Suits _wrong order delivered

Reported By: Swarn Lata Prakash

Contact information:
Magnoliaboutique02 Delhi 110086

Ordered a combo of 3 printed suits in sizeXXL.The order was delivered on 18 th Aug which was complete rubbish.Both in size and colour/design it does not match my order.
The worst was that for whom I ordered is a foreigner which put all of us Indians in shame.Fraud is exposed to people from out of our country.
I tried calling the nis given fot return and for complaints but nine of the nos are reachable.
Infact the order delivered would not even fit a baby’s doll.Shameful.I not only lost money but had to face embarrasement.
Leave alone refund I will sue this company and are trying to find ways and means.
Please help


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