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Reported By: Aben Thomas

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Make my career

On 2nd December, 2016 i got a call from make my career (mmc) the person whom i spoke to said her name is Pinky sharma calling from Gurgaon NCR. She said my name is shortlisted for the interview as a ground staff/ticketing/cabin crew. So they got my information from wherein i had uploaded my resume. So i felt alright its good to go ahead with the conversation. The so called pinky sharma said that i should pay Rs.1650 as a registeration fee via paytm or using debit card. I said without confirmation email about all these she asked i wont pay a penny and also told her let me have a word with my family about this. So she said will contact me tmro that is 3rd December, 2016.

Things that i found during the call are.
1.Entire conversation was in Hindi
2. The call was made from a mobile number
3.The agent was using a fake name and number
4.She never sounded professional
5.Her hindi itself sounded like a localite

So on 3rd december, 2016
I got the from pinky sharma she says have i decided to make the payment or she will cancel my name bcoz she has many other candidates waiting for this job. I said i am really ready to pay 1650rs but let me talk to someone face to face here in mumbai so that i can trust you guys. She says in mumbai there is nobody so i asked her as this was a jetairways recruit so we have the headquarters in mumbai i can talk to an HR or someone. She said only after interview i can do so. So are you making the payment or not? She repeatedly said this throughout the call. I said i wont bcuz you sound like a fraud by profession. I disconnected the call.
Later i got a call after 5mins now it was someone else who started abusing me in and out and also i have recorded the entire call conversation. I want these people behind the bars at any cost. I don’t know if the authorites will help me on this bcuz i have not paid anything.
People who read this please make sure that you dont get affected with any such fraud calls especially Make my career. Gurgaon.delhi.

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