makemytrip – Same booking done thrice due to server error

transactions which I have done with MMT.

My husband is an international traveller and uses MMT extensively for air ticket and hotel booking. Recently, while he was in Brussels on 15th of March, he tried booking Air ticket using his MMT from Brussles to Oslo around 11:00 PM Central European Time. Somehow, ticket booking failed, even though he had keyed in credit card and ther details, showing the message that ‘Ticket Booking has failed as MMT server is busy and could not complete the booking’.

However, right after this failure, he received a phone call from noida number MMT office on his UK Number +44 7342088+++ asking about the difficulty he had been facing while booking the ticket. He told MMT executive about the sequence of event, on which executive mailed him following link on his personal ID for making the payment. Holding the call while executive remained online he tried making payment again using the given link but apparently it didn’t work. This time, he had tried using netbanking thinking problem could be due his credit card. Somehow executive also couldn’t understand and call ended without any help.

Thereafter he attempted one more time using netbanking but resulted into failure. Meanwhile he also noticed the surge in fare and he decided to try again in morning. Next morning around 6:30 CET he tried booking ticket once again which again resulted into failure showing the same message.

Having tried so many times he finally decided to using another site eDreams where he had to book the business class ticket for the same flight which he had been attempting to book in economy on MMT.

When he arrived on airport and reached on check in counter he was told that he had 4 tickets under his names. Three of them were in economy while the other one was of Business. It left left him puzzled and shocked because in his knowledge and belief he had only booked one business class ticket successfully on eDreams. He instantly called up MMT call Center and informed them about the problem. First executive said his tickets are showing NO SHOW but when He told them that He is at airport right at the counter of SAS Airlines and has more than 2 hours before flight departs he couldn’t understand what to do. He requested him to cancel those three tickets as they had been wrongly booked by MMT while He was not informed about the successful booking. He even made him talk to SAS airlines executive and requested him to cancel the tickets urgently. However, executive told my husband that tickets are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. My husband insisted on talking to the senior manager but he was not put through with anyone senior. Later my husband had to catch the flight so I took up the matter with MMT executive.

Based on above situation I would like to remind you that we have been using MMT extensively for hotel and ticket booking. However, following incident has shaken my trust in MMT and after this incident I have stopped booking tickets and hotel on MMT. I am writing you with the hope of getting the refund of 3 tickets which were booked by MMT successfully but were left with misleading or failure messages for customer which led us into various attempts of booking.

I see two fundamental points where MMT has failed. First, MMT cannot be trusted anymore and second you have mechanism in place to make customer book the ticket but there is no general sense in your customer executives to make right decision to support customers. It is very obvious none would book the same ticket multiple times had he been served with the right status of booking. Further, my husband could have been informed on his UK number that the ticket was booked successfully. He was not in India and had no access to texts on his INdian number where MMT may have sent some messages.

Meanwhile, he also raised this issue with SAS and he has been advised to raise a complaint on

I am hoping MMT would look into this issue and refund the money which is about 70+ thousand INR for these three tickets. But until then I assure you We would not use MMT.

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