MakeMyTrip – Refund of round trip

Reported By: Kedar Bhusari

Contact information:

Trip from BOM-KTM and KTM-BOM is a round trip. I am requesting a full refund of the complete round trip of Mr. Kartik Kedar Bhusari. As his booking is for a round trip so refund must be for a complete round trip.
So it is requested to refund the whole amount of BOM-KTM dated 24 August 2022 bearing PNR NO.-11NY6A and KTM-BOM trip, dated 28 August 2022, bearing PNR NO. 11NY6B.

This cancellation is due to a major change in flight timing and this is a major difference and hence not convenient for him and as per Make My Trip and Nepal Airline policy if there is a major difference in time I can claim for full refund and hence it is requested to make a complete refund of round trip. By not refunding amount they are liable for Criminal Breach of Trust u/s. 406 of I.P.C and forgery u/s. 420 of I.P.C. and CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT.

I had mailed Nepal Airlines along with Make My Trip but they are not solving my issue.

They had refunded the amount of Mr. Ravindra Jaiwant Shinde bearing PNR 11NQHA and PNR NO. 11NQH9 and hence same is expected for Mr. Kartik Kedar Bhusari as their rescheduled flight is not convenient for him.

Please look into the matter and kindly solve the issue as soon as possible.

Thank You.


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