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https:// ? Code=067801

Sir, my name is JOJIBABU YARAM, on 6/6/22 I received a message to my mobile number by name Britney sayings that if you are interested in part time job that to work from home, register in the web site ? Code=067801. As a retired person I was tempted and registered accordingly. Then I was directed to a Telegram channel where I met a tutor Mr. ROGER in his website- 88 Vip
From 6/6/22 to 20/6/22 I was mentally under his control and I was asked to complete the task every day by reacharging some money into mall account, but i didn’t receive any profit or principal amount to my account, when I ask him he says that i have one more task to complete, like that I have recharged malcon account up to Rs 5lakhs rupees and completed all the tasks, then I was asked to withdraw my principal amount and commission amount of Rs 6,43,877.90 rupees, i was very happy so that i will be receiving a big commission amount of Rs.1,43,887.90 rupees, exactly hear i was utterly cheated by asking to enter Logan password, verification code and phone number and payment password, as per the directions of the tutor Mr.ROGER ihave completed everything but I didn’t get a single rupee in to my account, when I asked him he replied that, I have committed a mistake while feeding the password s for this mistake all my account was withheld to release that withholding I need to pay 30% of the total earned amount, I.e 6,43,887.90×30%= 1,97,600 , I waited for two days but there was no response from ROGER. Then I realized that this is a biggest cheeting game, then I searched in the Google site and found MALCON (INDIA)LTD is a fake and fruad company, now I am making a complaint against that company to give back my invested principal amount of Rs 5,00,000. Sir take suitable action on this company and I may be given justice. With Regards- JOJIBABU.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from MALCON (INDIA)LTD, KOLKATA.

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