Mangoliaboutique02 – I have received product with worst quality and wrong order

Reported By: Laxmi masoriya

Contact information:
Mangoliaboutique02 Gwalior
Kurtizmela. Com

I have received product of worst quality and the number given on h product pack was unreachable and this is the fraud and 420 case and the owner of this site should be fine highest fine and i want my refund of the product which was 899 rupees and they gave the return policy in their site page which does not include how to return the product so and also they did not provide any link to contact the supplier beside this i want what my money back and the supplier is too much fraud and the company name is magnoliaboutiue02 and the address is gram sabha Delhi, New Delhi – 110086 , Delhi NCR the number was given on their product package is 8486037583 which was not in the service i had ordered my product on 5 – 08-2021 the number of the product is AWB No SMPC0000102987

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