mani airtravel mondaymarket – Frad job consultancy

He is the frad consultancy in kanyakumari dist. In that MD mani ask money first. I have pay 65000rs for qatar visa after paying money he didn’t aten phone calls. I wil directly go that office that time he said to me with in 2day give ur visa. I cant get my visa still 6 month i will waiting after that i will told to frad moni with in a weak u wil give my money or visa. Other wise i wil give police complaint againest u. Then now 1ly i wil got my money. He wil told lot of reals. My dear frnds nobody cant pay with out giving offer letter and visa. He is invest ur money to financial sector and he has chetting the people. He is an ADMK guy . So the govnt and police are didnt take action about that frad money. Plce frnd be allart .

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