Manjulika cooperative housing society – Repait works in housing society.

My wife owns a flat in this complex. We stay outside Kolkata. Once in a year we go there on annual leave to visits our relatives. Recently when my wife arrived, she found that kitchen slab has fall down, window grills are rusted and damaged, etc. She decided to repair these items. She appointed some contractor, took permission from the Society to carry out the work. However when the work started, the society objected to making the concrete mixture in the outside open space and forced her to prepare this in the room. She changed the iron frame windows by Aluminum frame windows. Society objected to that and informed members are not allowed to cut the window and replace it. What does it mean? Members will stay with broken and damaged windows. That what the society wants? Moreover they informed that the apartment belongs to the society and not to my wife? What does that mean? The registration she has from WB housing co-operative for the specific apartment is not valid? Society corporate body members can enter the apartment without her permission since as per their claim the apartment belongs to society? My understanding was that we form the society to help the society members but from their attitude it is clear they have vested interest in each and every activity that takes place in the housing complex. If it suits their interest they will allow the members to carry out the work. If it doesn’t suit heir vested interest, they will create obstacle to the maximum extent possible. We call it a housing complex society?

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  1. Normally these office bearers try to create disturbances who does not stay.. Not every soceity but mostly.. outside work is not allowed because they are responsible for repair.. don’t worry they can do thing except some harrasments..

    Manjulika has two parts A and B.. B type is better..