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Posted On: 25/09/2016
Reported By: pratiksingh

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Charu, shipra and this company is totally fraud.. They do fake promises and do not do anything. They charge in advance and do not work further. I have appiled for the workpermit and paid 45600 in advance and submitted all the documents. But do not get any interveiw call and they took almost 1 year for this now they are not even returning money. They are totally fraud. I am the victims. And i have many more contacts who face the same problem. This is totally fraud company..

My number is 09033617213 pratik singh.
Pls call me anytime for this company”s info.

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  1. Annapurna Mandal

    Company- is a complete fake and unethical company

    I totally agree with Pratik Singh about the fakeness of the company This is a complete fake and unethical company. Charu, Rahul, Monika, they are all fake. I did a big mistake by trusting them and paying Rs 80,000 all in full advance. They catch all the people by giving the time frame of 6 months but after then, they do nothing fruitful. They promise that you will get job in 6 months but actually they do not do anything after you have paid your money once. I applied for Work Permit, submitted all the required documents whenever needed, did the full payment in advance but its been 1 year and four months they could not find me a single job confirmation.
    They scheduled fake interviews for me for which I never got any feedback until now. If you ask them about your feedback so that you can improve for next they will never be able to show you any feedback. They just say its negative without any proof..
    I mean it is just not only fakeness but also harrassment. I have never seen such big liars and cheaters before.
    Now they are not even returning my payment. My money is hard earned not black money like your company who cheats people. Fucking Cyber Criminals..

    My dear innocent friends, please open your eyes and do not fall into this crap.. I researched a lot about the immigration process after and trust me, the immigrations does not work so simple like this with these fake agencies.. You can always go to or call the Immigrations in your state and ask them directly about these fake companies.

    I am the victim of this Fraud Maplefly and I have many more contacts who faced the same issues too. Do not believe in this fraud company.

    My number is 09091810469
    Watsapp number- +41779719059
    Email address-[email protected]
    Please call me, watsapp me or email me for any further information for this fake company.

    Annapurna Mandal

  2. they are trying to solve my problems at their best .

    hope they will solve it soon and do their best .

    pratiksingh 9033617213