Maven Infotech Pvt. Ltd a.k.a UTH

I am from India and have personally worked in this scam company for 3 days. They call up customers in US, Germany, Australia & new Zealand. The Sales department then show some error reports in the event viewer log of the company and claim that the customer’s computer is infected with virus & malware. They also tell the customer to open up the task manager, go to processes and look up for the process csrss.exe. Once you have located it they tell the customer to google it. Once you google it the first link (,d.bmk)gives you the wrong information that this is a trojan, where as in reality it is a very important process of windows operating system. Once they are successful in conning a customer specially in the US or Australia they say they are microsoft certified professionals and that they can fix your computer. After that remote access of the customers computer is taken and some freewares are installed which is avaialable for free on the internet. They charge the poor customers a minimum of $133 to a maximum of almost $350. So I would request all of you never to fall in the trap of these scammers and be aware of such fradulent calls. Never give permission for recordings which the customer care rep will tell you to do over the phone. And finally don’t let the customer care executives send the confirmation mail from your mail or get the printout of the invoice. They do not have any office in the UK. It is just a residential address where some relative of the owner of the company stays.BEWARE OF SUCH SCAMMERS!!

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  1. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

    Hi Roselyn,

    It seems to me that you are speaking of a different organization. This company which I have talked about hails from Kolkata, West Bengal India.
    Can you please confirm the address of the company that you are referring to.

  2. Hi All,
    Maven promotes training and develops skills. This organization identifies talent and also acknowledges the same. Without any doubt, one can say that this is one of the best companies to work with.This I’m saying because I have a very good experience with this organization. I have been working with this company since a few months now, and everything here is so organized here. Starting from the recruitment part to the training, and operations, everything is very employee centric.