Max Orchids Phase III – Refund from Maxworth Realty

Hi, I would like lodge complaint against Maxworth Realty India Limited Bangalore. Since I am not getting response from this company about site cancellation refund. I had booked 3 plots in Max Orchids Phase III Site No. 493, 494 & 474 And Max Nanad gokul Site No. 55 looking in to delayed development in Orchids property and documents are not appropriate I would like to cancel booking and want complete amount refund. I had already requested for cancellation through email on Feb 18th 2015 and phoned sales Manager Mahadev, they said amount will be refund after 30 working days, now it has been more than 30 days. nobody from Maxworth responding my email or phone. Hence raising this complaint again Maxworth Realty India Limited Here is the Contact details of Maxworth Realty: Deputy General Manager: Roopesh Sulegal 9902009922 Sales Managers: 9900058114 Guru 9900056637 Mahendra Thanks, Shivaraj +91-9008533544

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  1. i am a victim , booked 2 plots in maxworth green orchid 2.30 lac ruppes each plot and maxworth not giving any update , not picking up phone and not returning our money since 3 years . request govt to take serious action against them .law seems to be in their pocket along with politicians and police.Seems Indian PM hardly can do of corruption,open fraud practices in the face of law.hope Indian Judiciary watch this open challenge from Keshava Reddy to law keepers..they do not have guts to kick this ass hole and strangulate his peace of mind.If you come searching here about Max worth reality India Pvt limited Bangalore, I would like to take a moment of your time and say DO NOT INVEST in any of their project .Any of their projects are not even existing they will show lands which are not going to get registered, you might not believe me but go to their office between 6-7 pm every day, you will see people waiting in queue to get their money back .The king of all these fraudster is the biggest fraudster, do not INVEST in Max worth reality India Pvt limited, their ISO mark and credai certificates are fake too . take them back if any one from credai is reading this . customers should served as God but here if you are enrolled with Max worth, customers respect customer satisfaction is zero what I am talking, this fruad company should be taken down immediately . Please form a whatsapp group and fight together.+91 9741876600