Maxworth Realty Bangalore – fraud and 420 work by Director Mr. Kesava K

Director Mr. Kesava K. has ability to do fraud and 420 work .He has fit for that.
Customers hardened money taking and enjoying as if his fathers money.
Keshava K always says customers are having lack of knowledge ,yes we agree we are all having lack of knowledge to do 420 work.This idiot has done masters in fraud and 420 work. Therefore he is cheating 1000 of people. Hey guys please see review of this company and invest.
If you are investing then you have to run behind the police station, court case and maworth office.
Please beware of these beggars keshava k ,Roopesh, Mathew, Khan ,Srinivas reddy lawyer, Pateel Lawyer. These idiots are fit to beg money like others are doing in bangalore traffic signals.



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  1. I am facing similar issue. We paid 25% advance amount for a plot which is still not available after 7 years. I am seeking to return the money back but they are dodging me from 2 year and not stopped picking up the phone as well. I have no other option but to take legal help against this Company

  2. We are struggling with these people since Oct 2012. They took Rs 345000/- as 30% advance for a plot at Max Meadows on doddaballapura road committing registration in 3-6 months. Ever since we have following up and between Oct 2014 & Dec 2014 when they offered alternate properties, the real situation came out that they had no right to have sold the Max Meadows in any manner in the first place. We visited all their alternate properties selected 2 but only to be told a few weeks later, what we had selected is not available. So in Dec 2014, we asked them to refund the money to which they sought 6 months time. After multiple follow ups on 13th june 2014, by a chance of luck i was able to speak to Mr. Roopesh who offered to meet and resolve the issue and also forwarded our request to the Chairman & MD Mr. Kesava. They have now offered to pay back only the paid amount that too in 6 monthly instalments of 57000/ each from july to december 2014 without any additional compensation. On enquiry he is taking a stand that this is how it will be. People be careful and if there is anyone out there with similar troubles undertaking or willing to undertake legal action against this fraud company, please get in touch, we can join in together.

    Even on their own commitment for the past 2 weeks they keep holding our money further quoting some excuse or the other….