Meru cab – Never Trust MERU CAB..Worst Service..100% Trouble

I had booked MeruGenie 1 day in advance from Kadugodi, Bangalore to Yeshwantpur Railway Station Bangalore dated 28/02/2015 at 7.30p.m & the cab is confirmed by Meru & My booking Ref no is 36001559.. I even called to Meru customer-care thrice for further confirmation about the cab & they assured me that your booking is confirmed & you will receive the cab & driver details 20 min before the scheduled time. After not receiving any information I again called them, they told we will sent you the details in 2 minute but no information communicated. So at 7.30 again I called them, then they told we are having shortage of cabs & we cannot provide you. It was raining outside & I was getting delayed to catch the train, I tried to convince them to provide a cab irrespective of whatever they charge but they not agreed. Finally I could not arrange it any other source & I missed the train & could not attend a big marriage function. This is worst service I faced & all the trouble I faced is only due to MERU. If MERU cannot provide the cab in right time then why are they committing to deliver & if they cannot deliver due to some reason then why they don’t give a call & inform us well in advance so that we can do some other arrangements. The money I lost for the ticket & the time, who is going to compensate. This Cab Company should be banned completely; unnecessarily they are putting us in trouble. My booking Ref no is 36001559.

Jagadish Chandra Ratha
Mob: 9243452002

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