Metastick Solutions – WEbsite Crashed without Information …Rs15500 loss

Metastick is a small Web Hosting company in Durgapur, West Bengal run by three partners (Sanjib Mukherjee ( +918944877107), Chandan (+919832755879), Vidyut (+919832781024). We requested them to design a website with an online software during the month of April’13. They first got the website ready but with lot of errors, after several days this got rectified. We then paid them Rs15, 500 as they committed us to get the software ready very soon.Now, they designed their software without considering our requests in mind and forced us to use the same. Despite sending various mail, they hardly made changes. Now we are not using it anymore. When they had mentioned their charges for their services, they clearly stated we can make unlimited changes without any extra charge. But they will only charge for extra number of pages @ Rs700/page. We later on wanted to add few more information without any page addition, to which they refused and started charging us. After convincing them for a long time, they agreed as per their commitment. Now the issue is that our website is down for nearly a month. We’ve tried calling them for very long time to which they would either not respond or attend and promise that it will get resolved in 2 days. But still it is down. This has created a huge business lose as we lost our tie-ups with major organizations such as the Indian Army located across various locations. In addition to the above information, I would also like to mentioned that, the concerned Person (Mr.Sanjib Mukherjee)had abused me and clearly stated that my website will not be up again when I got irate with him and complained him of his terrible service and threatened him I will take him to court if he is cheating people like this.


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