MGVCL – power cut on wrong bills and bad behavior

I am registered customer of MGVCL (madhyagujarat Vij Compnay LTD)
CUSTOMER no- 07209229531
My house is locked and he booked bill of 200 unit in Aug 2015 unit 1285-1085= 200 unit he didn’t mention in bill that house is locked, then they again make bill of 200 unit in Oct 2015 and 200 unit in Dec 2015 as lock bill. Total 3600 I need to pay them .
When they come to make my bill in Jan 2016 my house was open my meter reading are 1185 and then they changed my old meter to out side my home.
In bill of Jan 2015 they cancelled 2 previous locked bill 2440 RS.
So I go to there office to inquiry about Aug 2015 bill.
But they didn’t give me proper replay and send me to each other’s tables. Then after very difficulty and anger I got information that my Aug 2014 bill was rong so they suggest me to give application , it was 6 feb 2016 and they told me that correction will come in next bill. after that I again go to mgvcl office then I found that they miss my application . they told me that I didn’t take your application ,meet to that table and then they also replay me same.
So I give them other application with bill and this time I make a zerox copy of it and take his signature .
this step is found very bad to them . each time they behaved very badly with me. And they not give me any information about power cut and next day they send man to cut my power to show his power. and they did his work. My lights gone off .I told him that if you told me about this I am ready to pay bill but he didn’t inform me and cut my power.

My 2 previous bill was locked bill and 3 was wrong bill and I give application also for it. But
They cut my power on bases of wrong bills. And also throw my one application in dust bin.there is no any clear bill on which base they cut my power.
Please check my details and take some action . and please take some action on balasinor mgvcl office officer to show him customer power. So he will not miss beheave with any customer .

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