Midday Shopping – franchise module of midday shopping is fraud

Reported By: mehul pandav

Contact information:
Midday Shopping

Dear All,

Midday shopping is offering franchise as distributor in different district in country, this was new way to doing fraud in market. And this was big fraud game by midday shopping,

For my story, I have received call from midday shopping for franchise as a distributor in my district and explain me process, as per they explaination and process of their franchise are First we need to pay franchise fee and signed agreement after they send stock to us and we need to deliver this stock to customer and our commission is Rs 800 per order, I agree to choose franchise of distributor in my district, and I paid Rs 24900 as franchise fee, after paying franchise fee of 24900, they are neither send stock nor pick up call after 15 days.

This is big fraud, don’t trust on midday shopping..

And I request you to Please help me to get return my franchise fee from midday shopping.

Address of Midday shopping which mentioned in my agreement are
Midday Shopping, PU4, Vijay nagar, indore

Person who sale franchise is Mr Vinay Soni

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