Mind Ocean Technologies

Mind Ocean Technologies is a Fake Company. There the Employees are not given Salary since 3 Months. But the Employoees are not saying truth as they had submitted their Original Certificate to the Company. They are often Blackmailed by the Director to get job. they are asking Rs.1,00,000 /- Deposit after 1 month of joining. If the employee didnt pay the amount the are blackmailing the they wil produce the employees name in the blacklist website. They didn’t even given Experience Certificate or Salary since 3 months. 🙁 Me and My friend Gangaraj is one of them.

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  1. hi friend, i went to interview but they asked me Rs.1,00,000 after i worked there for one month. they collected my original certificates but they didn;t returned me. i got it only after fighting with them. sudhakar is a idiot who always asks money from who is going to interview. if he didn’t ask at the time of interview they will ask after working for a ,month or after two month