Mission Save Her – Scam

Reported By: Lawman45

Contact information:
Mission Save Her
Calabasas,CA,United States

Reggie Benjamin is a fraud and Con man from Chicago and now in Canoga Park California, just look up his Public records and it will show everything, There is no record of him in India( No one knows him, nor does he Know how to speak the language) His record company is false, never made any money, His claims of acting and selling records all false( Once again just look it up) Everything on his WIKIPEDIA page is false, every nightclub he has been associated with has closed down,

He also runs a chairty in US and India called Mission Save Her and lives off the money and use funds to make music videos and go to red carpet events.

He has Filed for Chapter 13 two times, and Chapter 7 ( very recent as well) Every corporation he has or LLC HAS CLOSED down ( no money) he as over 320,000 dollars in liens, and Federal cases and civil suits against him,

Once again just look all this up, this guy is a fraud and its a shame he is using a Mission Save her Charity as a front to take money from people, they have not filed taxes for 3 years and will be shut down soon! This is the worst type of person..His whole life he has been a fraud..

Just type in Reggie Benjamin fraud and read articles about him, He is a CON MAN, THE INDIAN VERSION OF BERNIE MADOFF

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  1. Reggie a con man who lies about everything. Never sold an album and cmon way too ugly to model. His wife looks like a horse.