– Non-delivery of mobile ordered

On 20/9/2013 I participated in an auction in for a Samsung Galaxy Grand phone, but was outbid. But the seller (Mr. Arshad) contacted me on phone and offered the same @ Rs.7000/-. When I asked how the mobile is so cheap, he said it is a locked phone. I wanted an unlocked phone, which he offered at Rs.9000/-. When I showed interest he asked me to deposit the money in his Account No. 0056011500008073, Mr. Sameer Tanveer, PNB, Bijnor. When I asked for url for online payment to, he said since the deal is outside of ebay, there is no arrangement for online payment. So, I paid the amount through NEFT transfer from my account. Next day he called me and asked for 4000 more as the scheme has changed. When I refused, he requested at least Rs.2000/- immediately as his team was pressurizing him and requested to send the remaining after he delivered the mobile and he sent copy of his PAN card by mail for identification. For few days he was available on his mobile No.09891547045 and at email and assuring me that he will be sending the mobile soon. Meanwhile he has sent me a receipt for Rs.9000/- without any number, date, signature or address of the firm. The name of the firm he has mentioned is Now he is not responding to my calls or emails. I have not received the phone so far. When I called him through another phone he attended, but after identifying me disconnected. I feel being cheated. Could you please help me? He mobile no. is 9891547045 (Delhi) @ at Address of the company he has mentioned is Dwarka Sector – 12, Akash Complex,Ground Floor , New Delhi.

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  1. I never thought Flipkart allowed rouges and thugs like Mobile Bazaar to sell on its website. Unsuspecting and loyal customers like me place immense faith in the brand called Flipkart even while dealing with third party vendors who have listed their products for sale on the portal. However, I am really disheartened at the harrowing experience I had with the aforementioned seller.
    I have invested more than 25 grands on a gadget that had been on my wishlist for quite some time. I received a defective piece, and after having made umpteen calls to the seller, I was told that the seller is not in a position to replace it, and if I indeed want the device in an up and running condition, I need to go to the Samsung service centre and haggle with them! Wow-imagine the plight of a moron like me who trusted Flipkart, made a prepaid transaction, blocked more than 25 grands on a gadget around 10 days ago, and still I am expected to run from pillar to post to get the defective piece replaced. I have now lost count of the number of times I have made phone calls and written mails to both the crook seller as well as Flipkart, which I believe does not care a wee bit about its reputation, and leaves its loyal patrons stranded.
    It is certainly my fault that I made the transaction, so the onus of getting the issue resolved (if ever it gets done!) lies with me…no one is really bothered. This is simply BREACH OF TRUST…
    Flipkart appears to be hand in glove with such fraud sellers as no one from their good offices has bothered to reply to my mail or call me. If you guys cannot value your esteemed customers, why should fools like me treat your portal as the preferred one for all sorts of shopping, and keep giving you idiots business round the year. I am flustered, and would warn everyone out there to steer clear of such fraudulent sellers as Mobile Bazaar, and such so-called ‘respected and trusted’ sites as Flipkart-once you are stuck with a defective item that has cost you a fortune, neither of these two shall be willing to take any responsibility.
    Flipkart-please tell me if I should write off my 25K as bad debts, or should I waste an entire day of mine haggling with the Samsung guys and explaining my plight to them. I doubt if I will ever be able to get the service for which I prepaid well in advance, only to be harassed now!