Moncrieff IT solutions LLC – Fake Company and Fake Offers

Reported By: Sukhleen Kaur

Contact information:
https:// New York

The company contacted me saying that I have to complete three rounds, out of which first was resume shortlisitng and Aptitude test and then third technical round. I completed all the three rounds but after that they went radio silent, tried to email them but got no reply.
Then I decided to search about the company turns out the domain name was bought just three days ago. And also the complaints I saw here had the same email wording that was use in my emails like “I couldn’t join the meeting because of some technical issue” and all that bullshit. Now after I have checked a lot of their links don’t work on the website. They are just scammers don’t pay any money guys I saw so many complaints here. Also all the clients that they mentioned on their website I checked all the people on linkedin none of them exist, even the HR “Mamata chauhan” that sent the email doesn’t exist the company doesn’t exist on google nor on linkedin, also the website looked very sketchy cause the logo alignment was not okay for a company that is making websites and softwares if there own website has crappy alignment definitely a big NO NO! At the bottom of the email when I saw the address and did a google search found out that it was a fraud.
The company name is Moncrieff IT solutions LLC but the email is sent from infotech LLC. I’m not sure why didn’t get any link to send the money yet but even if they had I would not send any money no company asks money to onboard a candidate. If they do they are just scamming you I have come across atleast 2 scams like that in the last 3 months only.

How to file a complaint against Moncrieff IT solutions LLC?

* Go to page
* Write Moncrieff IT solutions LLC in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Moncrieff IT solutions LLC.

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