Morpheus Human Consulting [RESOVED]

Based in Bangalore, I came across this useless and cheater firm while browsing and looking to start a staffing firm on Franchise India.

I had a worst experience after joining hands with Morpheus Human Consulting, headquartered in Mumbai. These guys have a small office in Andheri, Mumbai and claim to have office in Dynasty Business Park and Sagar Palazio Complex.

Only office is in Sagar Palazio Complex which small as compared to what these guys say to increase the number of franchisee across India. None of there partner franchise are happy with kind of support, response and feedback given AFTER or AS SOON AS one pays the amount to get the franchise.

They promise to send a Executive from Mumbai to make sure the franchise owner and the HR team gets proper training on the tools like Talent Pro which they use to upload resumes, interaction with clients for start-ups and proper support to perform well in the industry which actually is not the case.

The moment I paid the franchise fee, the tools were not working after I got the access to them for which multiple complaints were raised every 2-3days.

They provide access to Clickjobs and Monster for 6months which are of no use again – blame game is played here. Same monster ID is given to more than two franchise owner. When a complaint is raised for issue with login – they take their own sweet time to reply with new password.

Other franchise has to do the same – 2-3days we get to use the IDs and same story again – this way 6months as per contract for the use of Monster ID completes and access is cancelled by changing the password and giving to another/new franchisee.

The bills, even if the company pays off the bills after hiring an employee/candidates sourced by the franchisee, Morpheus pays only after 90-110days and reason given is Replacement Period. By the time replacement period gets over, either you are tired/fed up/frustrated working with them for the kind of quality they show in screening, stupid and non-acceptable feedback they come up with and most importantly – the resume updated by your franchise and another franchise (which I doubt they operate in house franchise ids and say it is another franchise based somewhere in India) is matching they delete/cancel yours and forward the other profile to get benefited on other franchise ID which as I said might be in house ID used to fool the franchisees.

Franchisee IDs are allotted to access the Talent Pro tool – updated resume, fill a auto generated form with employee/candidates detail, check the status of profile from the day you login till the day it gets rejected or the candidate joins.

My clients have personally appreciated my work and rejected anyone calling from Head office, Mumbai – when I sent them profiles directly instead of uploading in Talent pro and waiting for the so called Support Team to send.

For more details on Morpheus Human Consulting, Mumbai – Please feel free to get in touch with me any day on –

Lastly, I would say never to fall pray for these characterless, cheap and fraud companies – this makes there popularity to increase much easy.

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  1. Hi,

    I was curious to know if your problem was resolved.
    Also did you find any other reliable company offering good opputunities. Plz do share the details with me.