Morphy Richards OTG – Faulty – Pathetic service from Pant Service, New Delhi

I bought the Morphy Richards OTG model 18 RSS on 29th Sept 2013. I used it two times in 5 days. On the sixth day the OTG was not working.

I made a complaint at the toll free number on 6th Oct 2013. My complaint number is 3321476. The service was assigned to Pant Service, Delhi.

The service engineer visited on 8th Nov. He said that the timer is not working and needs to be replaced. (Of the brand new OTG?? Within 2 uses??!!) He said that It would take 2 days as the timers are not in stock!

5 days passed and there was no sign of the engineer and the timer. I called the toll free number again and mentioned my grievances. I was assured that the engineer would be at my place to repair the same before 6pm the same day. NO one came.

Two days later I called again. The response was the same. I was assured that the engineer would be at my place to repair the same before 6pm the same day. I was angry and demanded replacement of the OTG. I was told that that I should discuss that with Pant Service. (Why would the service center replace my OTG? Isnt’t the company’s responsibility??) Well, again that evening NO one came.

Today is 16th Oct. It has been 10 days since the complaint! The service engineer came and started the repair work. Until he noticed that the timer sent is of the wrong model! Now he has told me that it will take 3 days more.

My brand new OTG (without me using it) within 2 weeks of purchase, is looking like a beaten second hand model from the repeated opening and hammering.

This company, Morphy Richards has cost me my mental peace for over 15 days. I have paid Rs 4750 for this useless tin box that doesn’t work.

I want a replacement as soon as possible or my money back.

I would advise all future buyers of Morphy Richards and Bajaj appliances to stay away from these companies if you love your peace of mind!

Dr Niketa
Niketa Sonavane
Address : 1st floor, 12/29, East Patel Nagar

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