MPL PRO – Cheating in gamings …fake and doctored gaming apps

Reported By: ravi tambade

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MPL PRO Unknown

In MPL gaming app all games are charged means our money is at stake you deposit money first and games of our choice begins but the system of my MPL acts at its will with no rules for breaking all rules and declares you loser for example in chess you make a final checkmate move but the fraud MPL app still allows your opponent maybe MPL representative at other end to move away from checkmate snooker the app not allow you to pot the final blackball despite you ported your last legal ball and even then if you forgot the last ball ball it declares you loser all your money goes wasted such thing happens not all the time but sometimes means it allows you to win some games but t but at mpls own will

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  1. Sourindra Mohan Panda

    Chess game discontinued more than once and I have been declared lost if phone rings or SMS enters the phone during play. I Complained to MPL help desk but the reply was not satisfactory, they are blaming network signal whereas my other net bases apps are running undisturbed.

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