M/s Chandrakanta Gas Agency – Subsequent cancellation of Cylinder Bookings Due to Non Delivery of Cylinders in Time

My Consumer No. is “CK 6476” and my Gas Agency is “M/s Chandrakanta Gas Agency”,Bhopal,Madhya pradesh. I am regularly Booking my Domestic Gas Cylinder through “SMS” through my Mobile No. 9826460274. Every month Booking are being cancelled at an average of 03 times due to non delivery of cylinder by the above agency. We used to Book atleast 4 times subsequently after previous bookings are cancelled due to non delivery of cylinder within the stipulated time limit of 72 Hrs from the time of Booking .We are not getting Cylinders in time every month. Please take up the matter with the agency “M/s Chandrakanta gas Agency and settle the frequent cancellation problem due to non delivery of cylinder by them within the time limit . The staff in their ofice in Bhopal also not attending Telephones also through oot the working days . then how we will communicate with them. Iam a working lady, Icannot go regularly to thir office for discussing any matter. So please take up this matter also and inform accordingly to my e mail address.
Rosamma George
Bhopal, 25.11.2013

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