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  1. Hi

    Yes. I am also one of the investor in SM motors. Invested around 15 laks. Initial 3 mnths they were giving money. Later they started delaying like anything. We have to make so many calls. Then they use to say please give us the clients. Then we wl pay you. Else invest more money. They use to force so much to give the clients and use to tell we wl give you 10k if you provide us the clients. So every month we have to beg for our hard earned payments. This is really harassing. Also as we heard Mr. Naresh navale use to harass all his employees to give clients. Else he will not pay the money. This is the way he made his money. And also he use to say so many things of his business that he has contacts till any extent and he can close the matter easily. This is clearly indicating that he is involved in some nonsense activities. Our legal system shld punish such culprit quickly. Also so many poor people invested here shld get their hard earned money.