mulya shop – Order: KJEOTFEAX

A310-Blue) on 25th of November 2014. on the same day i have made the entire payment of RS.10,174.00rs through my Credit card, the payment has been received by you on same day. at the time of booking it was assured the mobile would be deliver on or before 7 working days. has i dint not receive the mobile even after laps of one month from the date of booking, I Called on the representative of the company on several occasions. many of my calls were unanswered however on 15th December 2014 you representative of the company said that mobile cant be delivered and that they will refund the entry amount of rupees 10,174.00 would be credited back to my account with in 7 working days. has the amount was not credited to my account even after expiry of 7 working days, I called the representative of the company on 29th of December 2014, who assured me that the amount of rupees 10.174.00 will be credited to my account immediately. even today i haven’t received the amount. in view of above status facts payment of Rupees 10,174.00 to be credited to my account immediately failure to make the payment immediately, i will be constrained to approach the Law enforcement agencies for taking suitable criminal action against the company

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