Mumbai Press Club’s Course On Pr And Media Management – Press Club of Mumbai/PrimeCorp 99 is not worth its pricing of 21K or 35K

This certificate course organized by Press Club of Mumbai/PrimeCorp99 is not worth its pricing of 21K or 35K. I attended this course in 2013 and found the course lacking in many aspects as under – 1- As marketed, the course does not add value in terms of quality education or employability. 2- You will come to know the difference between guaranteed placements or placement availability information and “placement assistance” as mentioned in the prospectus when you ask as the course nears completion. 3- The program consists of 8 modules and an assessment is given after each module, but the assessments are not evaluated at all, leave out “professional” evaluation. Thus, we don’t know where we stand or what kind of improvements do we require to get ourselves into the field. 4- Moreover, each of these modules lists out just the basics of PR which you can get from any good book on PR. I, towards the end of the course, bought ‘Effective Public Relations and Media Strategy’ by C.V. Narsimha Reddi for only 350 rupees. 5- The course is conducted by a course coordinator who only read out the slides from presentation and explained what it meant; anyone who is able read and write in English would be able to read and understand those. 6- In addition, course lacked the practical aspects for example how to really strategize, how to write a social media report and examples of some reports. The whole batch was confused as to what to present in the report, and after discussions within ourselves we submitted a report. 7- We were told that we will be a member of Press Club for the duration of the course. However, we were not even allowed to eat even when we offered to pay during lunch time. 8- As mentioned in eligibility criteria – (Be at least 18 years of age OR should have completed Class XII (HSC)) – people who have completed only HSC “Might” find this course a bit helpful. But, looking at the overall course, even an HSC pass-out too will consider this course a trash. 9- Lectures & Seminars by course coordinators as well as industry experts- was promised in the prospectus. However, only one visit from an industry person on the last day of this course was arranged. As I was already frustrated with the way this course was conducted, I did not attend. 10- After the course got over, many participants tried to get in touch with the course coordinator, who was travelling and thus was not available to answer anyone’s queries. For me, this course in PR and media management was a total rip off! With such bad training nothing worth taking back esp. after paying good amount, I did not feel it was worth collecting the certificate too for this course. I neither mentioned it in my CV for job search nor did I collect the collect the certificate. If you really want to learn Public Relations and media management, esp. if you are from a different background then – • get yourself a Diploma for Journalism and Mass Communications from Mumbai University or • offer your help as intern/fresher to someone who is practicing in this field. If you have done your Bachelor’s in Mass Media, you won’t require such things for your training; you just have to search well and get a job. You can contact me on, if you want further verification. I would be able to introduce you to the whole batch. Regards, Swarda

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