MyDealMyPrice – Fraud – taken money but not delivered product is a fraud site, they have taken money but not delivered products what they have committed to deliver.
These call and said they they give me a surprise gift as well. which I am not anyway interested but the amount at least they should deliver products for that.

The person Rohit Agarwal who was calling on daily basis. he is disappeared suddenly after making payment. Now everything else is more important to him rather than responding my queries.

Then Anuj srivastava talked to me and said that Rohit has made false promises we can not deliver that much of products. We are going to terminate hi job from

That was again a false promise as that bloody shit guy still working there.
Then the other shit guy Anuj has told me list of products which they are going to deliver. that was also false. I didn’t that much of products. and whatever I got is of very low quality products.

I am sharing the numbers.
9136974886, 9136937702,9136832982

Now they are not approachable, when I tried to call no body from so called management talk to me , and every executive who picks the call say that I am new this is my first day, I don’t know anything.

If you call 100 times in a day you will get 100 new guys who joined that day.

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  1. has done same to me. Rohit Agarwal caled me and told me about the products and surprise gift.

    but I received nothing out of it. When I called to their office, Anuj Srivastava talkedto me and said that Rohit is done this to meet his target. He has made made false promises.

    Now when I asked to refund my money they are not responding at all.

    This site is totally fraud, they deliver very low quality of products.

    Please beware of tempting calls from…