– totally fraud has done same to me. Rohit Agarwal caled me and told me about the products and surprise gift.

but I received nothing out of it. When I called to their office, Anuj Srivastava talkedto me and said that Rohit is done this to meet his target. He has made made false promises.

Now when I asked to refund my money they are not responding at all.

This site is totally fraud, they deliver very low quality of products.

Please beware of tempting calls from…



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  1. delivers very low quality products.

    They call and commit to delivery branded products.

    But after making payments they deliver non-branded low quality products.

    sometimes they deliver damaged product and not ready take it back.

    They have return policy but they themselves not follow that policy.

  2. guys from are cheater and fraud.

    They taking lot of money and deliver low quality products.

    Offer expensive gifts to attract the customer but not deliver anything as surprise gift.

    Products they deliver are non-branded very lo quality.

    they have return policy but they did not respond when you complaint.

    They switch of their phones ..even customer care number also.